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 International Trade Finance 

International BankingIf your business requires a global perspective, we can help. With extensive in-house international trade expertise, a partnership with a global bank, and well-versed commercial bankers, you’re in good hands at Banner Bank. The services we provide include:

  • Import and Export Commercial Letters of Credit: Commercial Letters of Credit (L/C) provide your company with the option of substituting the promise of a bank to make payment for the product in lieu of the buyer. Banner Bank will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and help you structure the L/C details.
  • Import and Export Documentary Collections: Documentary Collections provide another payment option where there is an element of trust between the buyer and seller. Banner Bank’s experts will walk you through the risks and benefits of using this product.
  • Standby Letter of Credit: These Letters of Credit can be used to insure against either non-payment or non-performance and are often substituted for cash deposits or as performance or bid bonds in both international and domestic transactions.
  • Export Credit Insurance: Credit Insurance covers risk of buyer non-payment for commercial and certain political risks such as inconvertibility of currency, bankruptcy, war, etc. Offered through EX/IM or privately, this insurance covers up to 98% of the risk of non-payment and if assigned may convert ineligible foreign receivables to eligible accounts receivable as collateral for lines of credit.
  • SBA Export Working Capital Loan Program: This program provides financing up to $5 million to support export transactions from purchase order to final payment. These loans offer loan guaranty fees and fast processing times.
  • EX/IM Working Capital Guarantee: EX/IM working capital financing provides you with liquidity and comfort to accept international contracts to grow your export business. Though more restrictive than SBA—requiring products be shipped from the U.S. and contain more than 50% U.S. content—you can get the loan your business needs, when it’s needed.
  • Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts: Important tools to help you manage your foreign currency exposure, Forward Contracts help you transact business internationally—whether purchasing specialty equipment from abroad or managing receivables associated with an export shipment—by securing an exchange rate now for settlement at a future date.

To learn more about Banner Bank’s international trade finance services, please call 800-272-9933 during business hours.