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Overdraft Rules FAQs 

(Personal Checking Accounts Only)

Q. If I do not consent for debit card overdraft coverage, what will happen?
A. If you do not give us permission to authorize these transactions (opt-in), we will not authorize your everyday debit card items if they would create an overdraft.
Q. What are everyday debit transactions?
A. An everyday debit card transaction is a one-time, non-recurring purchase or payment made with your debit card. These types of transactions include purchasing groceries or other everyday purchases using your debit card. They also include debit card purchases you make online or over the telephone.
Q. Does this affect overdraft protection for checks or automatic payments from checking?
A. No. This only affects everyday debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals that overdraw your account. Banner Bank will consider authorizing and paying items from checks, bill payments, recurring automatic payments using your debit card (such as health club memberships) or other payments that are automatically withdrawn from your account. This is part of Banner Bank’s standard overdraft practices.
Q. What do I need to do?
A. You can choose to have your debit card transactions authorized even though the transactions may overdraw your account. By consenting, you are asking Banner Bank to consider authorizing and paying these transactions.
Q. How do I consent to receive debit card overdraft protection?
A. You may consent online, contact us at 800-272-9933, or complete the Overdraft Consent Form and either present it or mail it to your branch.
Q. How can consenting (“opting-in”) benefit me?
A. Consenting can save you the inconvenience and embarrassment of a declined transaction conducted with a merchant or at an ATM. If you have not instructed Banner Bank to consider authorizing and paying everyday debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals that inadvertently overdraw your account, these transactions will be declined if you do not have sufficient funds in your account and/or available Overdraft Protection. You will not be able to complete your transaction.
Q. Will every transaction be authorized if I consent?
A. No. When you consent, you grant Banner Bank permission, at our discretion, to authorize transactions that may overdraw your account.
Q. What fees will I be charged if I consent and Banner Bank pays my transactions that create an overdraft?
A. You will be charged a fee of up to $30 each time we pay an overdraft. Paid transactions resulting in an end-of-day overdrawn account balance of $5.00 or less, will not be charged a fee.  We will not charge you more than 4 Paid Item Fees in one business day on your account. Returned items may result in additional charges, also subject to a daily limit.
Q. How can I avoid overdraft fees?
A. The best way to avoid overdraft fees is to closely monitor your account and keep accurate records of your transactions. You can do this by keeping a check register and listing all of your deposits and withdrawals. Banner Bank also provides a variety of free resources to help you monitor your spending including Online Banking email alerts, 24-hour Banner Bank-by-Phone and Mobile Banking.
Q. When do I need to make a deposit to avoid an overdraft fee?
A. You have up until branch closing to make a deposit. Branch hours and locations are available online. The deposit cut-off time for Banner Bank ATMs is 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. If your debit transactions occur on a non-business day, you will have until the closing time of the next business day to make a deposit to avoid any overdraft fees.
Q. Does Banner Bank offer Overdraft Protection?
A. Yes.  Overdraft Protection is available from a savings or line of credit.  You decide which accounts or combination of accounts will fund potential overdrafts.  We’ll help you avoid the inconvenience of merchant returned-check fees and keep you in good standing with the people you do business with.
Q. If I have overdraft protection linked to a savings or line of credit, do I still need to consent?
A. We recommend that you consent, in order to ensure that debit card transactions are normally authorized, even if the money or credit in your overdraft protection accounts is not enough to cover the full amount of the charge. If you don’t have money or credit available in these accounts to cover you, your everyday debit card purchases will be denied. By consenting, you are authorizing Banner Bank to consider paying an overdraft at points of sale based on the strength of your relationship with the Bank.