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TellerDo you still think that all banks are alike? Maybe you think it’s too much trouble to change banks? It’s no trouble with Banner Bank. Experience just how great community banking can be. When you open a new account, our personal bankers give you all the individual attention you want – that’s just the way we do business.

Change to better banking in just five simple steps:

  1. Visit a Banner Bank branch in your community, or use our convenient online account opening application to open your new accounts.
    • Meet with a Personal Banker to review your completed forms and choose the account that is right for you.
    • Set up Banner Online Banking and Bill Pay while you wait.
  2. Balance your old account - and stop using it.
    • Make sure enough funds are available in your account to cover any automatic payments that may yet need to be withdrawn.
  3. Switch your direct deposits.
    • Complete an Account Switch form.
    • Give copies to your employer, retirement plan, and/or local Social Security Administration office.
  4. Redirect your automatic and online payments.
    • Part of the Account Switch form that you will complete enables you to change any automatic withdrawals or payment services.
  5. Close your old accounts.
    • Fill out Account Closing forms to instruct your old bank how and where to send a check for any remaining balance.

Let us help you easily change banks by checking out our “Simply Switch It" kit and Identifying Numbers On A Check diagram.

If you have questions, please call 800-272-9933.