A Message from our CEO

To Our Valued Clients:

Like you, I have been surprised at the speed with which our daily lives have been altered. I am also heartened by the care and dedication my Banner colleagues demonstrate every day during these uncertain times. Their commitment to you gives me great confidence that we will continue meeting your needs with compassion and expediency.

Banner Bank, and its parent Banner Corporation, are financially strong and well-positioned to support you. In our 130 years, we have navigated many economic cycles without a disruption in providing clients with access to their funds and I have complete confidence that will continue. We earned our repeated ranking as one of Forbes Top 100 Banks in America by demonstrating transparency and sound financial practices. From the perspective of our regulatory agencies, we are considered an exceptionally strong bank, including our capital ratios, which far surpass the criteria needed to be considered well-capitalized (the highest level). 

We have a plan and are prepared to withstand challenging times. As a federally-insured financial institution, our well-developed Business Continuity Program repeatedly exceeds regulatory standards. The Banner Corporation Board of Directors, my colleagues and I are proud to have built our organization to be successful and supportive through all economic cycles.

Above all else, we are here for you. Count on us to assist you with all your banking needs including current and new credit requests, treasury management support, help learning how to use digital banking tools, and working through unique challenges you are facing. We are, and will remain, actively lending, with sufficient cash to meet your needs.

If you experience financial difficulties because of the issues and challenges associated with coronavirus, please contact us right away. Our bankers are here to help identify solutions to assist you with your specific situation. A few special accommodations we just activated include:

  • Increased daily limits for Snapshot mobile check deposit, and debit card ATM withdrawals.
  • Waived penalties for early CD withdrawals up to $25,000.*
  • Options for payment deferrals on mortgages, home equity lines, personal loans, credit cards, and small business loans.   
  • Waived late fees for loans and credit cards, for clients in good standing with the Bank who identify that they have been adversely impacted.
  • Expedited processing on SBA Bank applications for qualified businesses adversely impacted.

Thank you for trusting Banner Bank with your banking needs. It is during challenging times like these that we intend to demonstrate just how much we value your business—by continuing to provide reliable, exceptional service with all the agility required so we are available when you need us. Together, we will get through these current difficulties. In the meantime, please know we are keeping you all in our thoughts.


Mark Grescovich
President and CEO

*Due to federal regulations, this special coronavirus accommodation is not available the first 6 days of CD term, or within 6 days of a prior withdrawal.


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