A Statement from our CEO

On this Juneteenth, the anniversary marking the emancipation of the last remaining enslaved African Americans in our country, a topic weighs heavily on my mind: the death of George Floyd, as well as Rayshard Brooks, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and many others. Each is a painful reminder that important strides must be made to end social inequities in our country.

While discussing social issues in the workplace can be uncomfortable, we must listen and learn from one another at a level we’ve not seen before in America, and that includes Corporate America. We have a long history of ‘doing the right thing’ here at Banner, and it’s time to do more. 
This is a complex issue so no one has all of the answers. Yet, engaging in meaningful conversations within our communities, company, industry and the broader business community, will help us understand one-another’s perspective and lead to taking actions that will advance racial equity in meaningful ways. As a company that believes diversity and inclusion are among our most valuable attributes, we must put more resources and energy toward helping end social and racial inequality and inequity. It is our duty to stand for equality and justice, and to do our part to create economic opportunity in the communities in which we operate. 
In our 130-year history, our employees have been part of advancing important issues facing our country. True change requires tenacity, hard work and a genuine desire to move the dial, which we’ve never shied away from here at Banner. We will challenge ourselves and one-another because there is always room to do better. While it will not be easy or fast, we understand we have a role in accelerating change. 

Mark Grescovich
President and CEO

Published June 19, 2020