Phishing Attempt Alert

Beware of PPP Loan Forgiveness Phishing attempts!

Several Banner Bank clients have received unsolicited invitations to work with unknown organizations in preparing and submitting applications for PPP loan forgiveness. Please exercise caution if you receive such an unsolicited email from anyone other than Banner Bank. There is a high likelihood these solicitations are an attempt to obtain confidential information about your business and bank account details.

Do not open attachments from unknown senders – One easy way for fraudsters to gain access to your computer systems is to attach malware to what appears to be a helpful attachment included in their email message. If you don’t know the individual who sent you the message, don’t open the attachment.

Carefully review links before you click – Fraudsters are very skilled at making their attempts appear legitimate. Carefully review links before clicking and, if there’s any doubt, don’t click. Recent efforts included subject lines like “SBA Application – Review and Proceed” and the link pointed to the domain "disastercustomerservice@sba[.]gov." This is not a valid link to SBA pages.

Be vigilant to phishing attempts – Fraudsters may use official SBA logos. Any email from the SBA will come from accounts ending in As always, please contact your banker if we can provide additional information.