Owner-Occupied Real Estate Financing

Build equity and alleviate the uncertainty of renting or leasing

Who's This For

Refinance and improve commercial property you own or are looking to buy

Loan Overview

Every commercial property is purposefully built, but they don’t always match up to your precise needs. Optimize your property with an owner occupied real estate loan and align the unique story of your business with that of its home

Ideal For

Businesses that occupy the property against which the loan is provided

How it Works
  • Call or email a relationship manager near you
  • Talk one-on-one with a experienced lender to find the right solution
Interest Rate Options

Fixed and variable rate options available

Amount Available
  • Loan amounts typically up to $10 million
  • Larger loan amounts considered on a case-by-case basis
Standard Term

Standard term up to 10 years

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Edwards Center

We needed a new community center and additional homes. When Banner heard about our new project, they actually sought us out and asked to help.

Dr. Jean Edwards, Founder, The Edwards Center

Edwards Center

Business Banking

When a Portland area non-profit was looking to build a new community center and residential living space, Banner Bank worked closely with them to get funded earlier than they expected.

Adults with developmental disabilities have fewer resources for support and care after age 21. And their parents are often left asking, “What happens when I’m gone?” In 1972, Dr. Jean Edwards founded the Edwards Center to give them an answer. So when she needed to improve and grow the Center, Banner stepped forward to help.

We needed a new community center and additional homes," says Dr. Edwards. "When Banner heard about our new project, they actually sought us out and asked to help.

Dr. Edwards started the Edwards Center with a singular promise: "Once we take a resident into our program, we will care for them the rest of their lives." This care includes everything from residential and vocational services, to specialized care as residents age. It's a commitment that nobody else makes, and it has meant so much to families in the region.

Ensuring the Edwards Center had the support they needed to be successful meant finding financing solutions to unusual challenges. Through the collaborative effort of representatives from Portland, Bellevue, and even Spokane, Banner was able to shorten the wait for the Edwards Center by as much as 5 years. "They followed up, came to events, and showed a genuine personal interest in the project," says Dr. Edwards. "You just don't get that from other banks."

Today, Edwards Center residents have a beautiful new community activity center, and ground has been broken on the first of the new homes. Through it all, Banner Bank is honored to help make Dr. Edwards' vision a reality.

"I've worked with other banks over the past 40 years," says Dr. Edwards. "I know the difference in a truly community-focused bank, and that's what Banner is for us."

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