Coming soon: A new look for

On June 26, we’re launching a new website to make it easier to find what you need to know in a format that's beneficial for everyone. Designed to be ADA compliant, the colors of the site, alternate text for links and images and other best practices will make it easier for everyone to read and access The new website features a mobile-friendly design that you can access from your desktop, tablet or smart phone. uses cookies – not the tasty kind – so we can deliver a more personal experience to you by displaying your nearest branch location, which you can always change to your preferred location. You can also search for services within geographic areas, such as ATMs, coin machines, night drop and more.
Banner Online Banking will match our new website colors, but the navigation will remain the same as it is today.
For those who liked the layout of our old website, you will find the new website has a very similar structure. To sign in to your account, you will find the sign in link at the top right, just as it is today.
If you have any questions about where to find what you're looking for on, please give us a call at 800-272-9933 or send us an email at