Dr. Steven Crump

Small Business Banking

When Dr. Crump bought his practice in Boise, it was coincidentally from a longtime Banner Bank customer. But he admits he was skeptical of community banks at first. He thought he’d need the services offered by a bigger bank. That all changed when he wanted to buy a space for his practice.

“The big bank turned me down,” he recalls. “Even though all the math said it was a no-brainer, I didn’t satisfy their algorithm, so it was ‘no.’”

So Dr. Crump sought a second opinion at Banner. And right away the difference was clear.

They listened to me, got to know me, and said, ‘Yes, this makes sense.’ That made a big difference.

The loan was approved and Dr. Crump gives all the credit to the community bank culture. “I didn’t have some person in New York calling me to turn me down,” he says. “I had a person right here talking with me face to face.”

Purchasing the new building was certainly a major milestone for Dr. Crump, but what he describes as his real “aha” moments are much smaller.

“It’s the little things,” he explains. “They just make things easy. When I need something, when I have a problem, I just call. No bureaucracy, no hassles. Easy.”

The personal relationship matters a great deal to Dr. Crump, whose personal banker is also one of his patients.

“It used to be that knowing your banker that well was a sign of trouble,” he laughs. “But now, it makes all the difference.”

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