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Robert McQuillen

Real Estate

The Oregon Coast had always been one of the McQuillens’ favorite places. They took the family there several times a year, renting houses when they went. But Robert and his wife wanted a place that was all theirs.
"We’d dreamed of having our own beach house for years,” says Robert. “Because of Karen at Banner, that dream finally came true."
When a friend referred them to Banner, they met their loan officer, Karen. “Karen was great from day one,” recalls Robert. “She got to know my family and genuinely cared about helping us reach this dream.” 

The first step was to refinance their current home, which Karen made easy. When the McQuillens found a beach house they loved, Karen worked to ensure an efficient purchase. But sometimes even the best preparation can’t account for everything. 

“The appraisal suggested some repairs were required that turned out not to be the case,” explains Karen. “Unfortunately, that resulted in a one-day delay in closing and the seller wouldn’t accommodate the extension. I was so upset.” 

Robert and his wife were devastated too—but determined. Before long they found another house that they liked even more than the first. 

This time, Karen took extra steps to make sure the deal went off without a hitch. “I wasn’t about to let this one slip through their fingers,” says Karen. 

Her efforts paid off, and almost before they knew it, the McQuillens had the keys in their hands. And they could hardly have been more excited. 

“Karen was amazing,” says Robert. “She stuck with us and saw this through to the end. We just couldn’t be happier.” 

Karen was surprised to find a bottle of champagne on her desk one morning—courtesy of the McQuillens. And when the McQuillen children arrived at their new beach house, they found a brand new kite leaning against the door —courtesy of Karen.

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