Vicki & Ryan Munson

Personal Banking

Vicki & Ryan Munson

Vicki & Ryan Munson

Personal Banking

Banner Bank helped this Idaho family build their dream home.

A football arcs across the yard one October day in Boise to the shouts of three brothers. Surrounded by boxes, Vicki and Ryan Munson watch from the front window of their new home and smile. This had been a dream for a long time.

In a way, their journey began 5 years before with the birth of their third son. "There weren't many kids in our neighborhood," Ryan says. "We decided to look for a place where the kids will grow up and we can put down roots.

Not wanting to compromise on their vision, they decided to build. And for that, they'd need another level of financial help. When a family connection brought them to Banner, they instantly knew it was the right fit.

Homebuilding is a really complex process, but Ryan at Banner had been through it. He was an expert.

"He drove the schedule, ensuring things like inspections and appraisals were done on time, so we could move in when we wanted," says Vicki.

Throughout the entire home loan process, Banner was there. Their Banner rep, Ryan, watched interest rates, helped calculate affordability during the planning phase, and even coordinated essential activities with realtors and builders. It's a level of service they'd never experienced, or expected.

"Banner invested over 5 months on our behalf," says Vicki. "I don't think you'll find that with a larger corporate bank."

"We're not just interest to them," adds Vicki. "They truly want to know who we are, build a relationship and grow with us."

Their dream house complete, the Munsons feel like they're finally home. Especially as they watch their boys play with their new friends from the neighborhood. And they tell everyone about the part that Banner played.

"Banner did more than help us build a home, they helped us realize our dream."

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