Personal Line of Credit

Revolving line of credit» and overdraft protection for unexpected expenses.


Unexpected events happen even to the best planners. That's why it can be helpful to have an unsecured revolving line of credit so you have funds to keep you going.

You can also link your line of credit to your checking account to protect your account from overdrafts.

Complete your line of credit application online anytime, in just 15 minutes. If you get interrupted, simply save your application and come back to finish it later.


Questions? Check out our line of credit FAQs.


Q. What’s an overdraft?

A. It’s when you don’t have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway. We usually charge a fee when we do this. To avoid overdraft fees, simply link your checking account with a personal line of credit.

Q. If I have overdraft protection linked to a savings or line of credit, do I still need to consent?

A. We recommend that you do, to ensure that debit card transactions are authorized even if the money or credit in your overdraft protection account is not enough to cover the full amount of the charge. Learn more about your options for overdraft protection.

»Subject to credit approval and limited to residents of Washington, Oregon, Idaho or California, or current Banner Bank deposit clients.

Adam Reiter

It doesn’t matter which branch I go to, they know my name. I can’t remember the last time I even had to give my account number.

Adam Reiter, Career Coach, Portland, Oregon

Adam Reiter

Personal Banking

He calls Banner Bank the "bank of me," and for this Portland-based client and career coach it's all about Banner's commitment to customer service.

As a young man, Adam worked as a messenger in Beverly Hills, a job that often took him to exclusive, private banks. He marveled at how they treated customers like kings, and wanted that experience, too. But he thought he’d need to be rich.

I’m still not rich,” laughs Adam. “But I feel rich when I walk into Banner. It’s where service is first, foremost and, for me, forever.

He became a Banner customer, as he puts it, “by accident.” When he felt taken for granted by another bank, he stepped into a Banner branch and was impressed right away. That was 5 years ago. “And I’ve been ditching my other banks ever since,” he says.

In his business, Adam prides himself on customer service. So he appreciates the service he finds at Banner. “It doesn’t matter which branch I go to, they know my name. I can’t remember the last time I even had to give my account number.”

Another part of Banner service he appreciates is the simple act of calling up and finding a person he knows. “They don’t outsource me or make me press 1 over and over. I call and get my issue solved. Just like that.”

“The other banks just don’t get it. They nickel and dime you and then try to give you a free mug,” says Adam. “I don’t want a free mug. I just want good service.”

Adam has one remaining account at another bank, and he’s switching it over at the soonest opportunity.

“I call it the ‘bank of me,’” he says. “That experience of walking into a bank and they know your name and they care about your business—that’s Banner Bank.”

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