Meet Casey Walthers, a small business consultant who values service over sales

Photo of Casey Walthers

When Casey Walthers came across a statistic showing many small business owners are not called on by their bank, she thought, “That’s so sad!” A Small Business Consultant in Tri-Cities, Wash., Casey is determined to flip that narrative as she routinely checks in with clients to see how they’re doing.

“I’m big on people,” she said, “and I like to put myself in their shoes to help them.”

Casey enjoys reaching out to business clients to make sure their financial needs are being met. And she’s grateful our culture is service-driven and “not sales-pushy,” compared to other places she’s worked.

“We can help people,” Casey said, noting how we match clients with accounts or other solutions to help them if they need the services, not to meet corporate sales goals. As an example, she explained, “If a client has a high checking account balance, we offer ways to help their money work harder for them with options like CDs or other accounts where they can earn a higher interest rate.

“Banner gives us the authority to really help our clients. It’s great because everybody has a different story and we’ve all been through a lot…Covid, rising rates, inflation.”

Casey so appreciates the Banner ideal of doing the right thing that she found it difficult to work for another bank after her family moved to a state outside our service area. You see, having started her financial career as a teller with a large bank in 2016, Casey joined our team in 2018 as a part-time teller in the Tri-Cities. She transitioned to full time and quickly became a Personal Banker. After her family briefly relocated to Las Vegas in July 2021, she interviewed with banks there, but didn’t find a good match.

“I just couldn’t do it,” she said of working for another bank.

Once she and her husband decided to return to the Northwest, Casey looked to work at Banner again. She rejoined our team as a Personal Banker at our East Vancouver Branch in March 2022. Since then, she transferred back to the Tri-Cities, was promoted, and has been training as a Small Business Consultant. The Oregon native aims to keep growing as a financial professional and leader.

As if her life wasn’t busy enough with moving, taking on a new role and raising a teenage daughter, Casey welcomed a baby girl in May 2023. These days, her free time is family time, spent attending her oldest daughter’s softball games and watching local baseball and hockey. Having volunteered with Junior Achievement in the past, she hopes to do so again sometime in the future.