Smart Option Student Loans

Student loans help bridge the financial gap with college tuition

Pay for College

Keep college dreams alive with a Banner Bank student loan from Sallie Mae.


For borrowers attending degree-granting institutions, now you can pay for college the smart way with three great repayment options and competitive interest rates.

  • Multiple in-school repayment options plus a choice of competitive fixed and variable interest rates, providing even more flexibility
  • No origination fee and no prepayment penalty
  • Benefits and an interest rate reduction available
  • Rates that reward creditworthy borrowers
  • Applying with a creditworthy cosigner may help you qualify
  • 100 US-based Student Loan Specialists


How much should I save for college?
Use this calculator to see how much you should be saving each month to pay for college.
What should my college budget be?
This calculator is specifically designed to help full-time students analyze their college expenses, living expenses and income to set a budget for an eight-month school year.

This loan is an ideal solution to help you pay for college expenses not covered by scholarships and federal loans. 

Paying college tuition and expenses
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