How to Order Checks & Identify Numbers on a Check

Identifying numbers on a check

Ever wanted to know how to find the routing number, your check number, or your account number from the face of your personal check? The 9-digit set of numbers to the left is the bank routing number, which for Banner is always 323371076. Numbers to the right of the routing number is your account number.
Order New Checks
If this is your first order of checks, please call us at 800-272-9933 or visit your local branch so we can help you order checks with the correct account information. You may also order checks when signing to Banner Online Banking.
If you order checks through another vendor, please provide the Magnetic Ink Printing Specifications (MICR) Spec Sheet to your check printer when reordering checks or deposit slips. 
Reorder Checks
To reorder existing Banner Bank checks, sign in to Banner Online Banking where all of your current check order information is readily available. You may also visit your local branch or call us during business hours at 800-272-9933 and we would be happy to assist.
Banner Bank's routing number is 323371076.

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