Treasury Management

Solutions to grow your business.

  • Access intuitive and secure financial reporting and cash management tools
  • Improve cash flow with simplified payment and receivables processing
  • Manage liquidity sweeping idle balances where they can do the most good
  • Detect and protect against cyber crime with fraud prevention services
  • Dedicated support team providing technical assistance and collaboration

With Treasury Management products and services, your business can:

  • Access online banking and financial reporting securely, on your terms.
  • Optimize cash flow with simplified payment and receivables processing.
  • Put idle balances to work.
  • Secure your payment processing.
  • Support when you need it. Guaranteed.

Access online banking and financial reporting securely, on your terms.


Improve financial decision-making and cash forecasting with accurate and timely account and loan data from multiple sources


Manage payments and receivables processing in one place, including ACH, wires, online currency ordering, lockbox remittances, and remote deposits processed via desktop or mobile


Optimize staff workflows with customizable reporting, proactive transaction notifications, and automation of requests for secondary and tertiary approvals


Need to target reporting to specific users? Want broad access for some members of your team but limited access for others? Customize user access to correspond with job responsibilities

Optimize cash flow with simplified payment and receivables processing.


Electronic payment and receivables options, including ACH, wire transfers and remote deposit


Lockbox and commercial cash vault services safeguard your employees and the delivery of your business deposits and receipts


Commercial credit cards simplify expense management and procurement processes with comprehensive tracking using online reporting tools


Merchant card services make it easy to accept credit and debit payments at physical or online retail locations

Put idle balances to work.


Leverage 100% of excess funds to invest overnight; minimize loan interest paid or pay down principal


Establish target balances to "sweep" funds back and forth with optimum efficiency


Fund special-use accounts only when needed


Access sweep transaction details and investment confirmations easily online

Secure your payment processing.


Positive Pay services put you in the driver's seat. Review checks and determine their authenticity before they are charged to your account


Preview ACH transactions being charged against your account and return any fraudulent transactions


Choose to have all ACH and/or check transactions blocked from select accounts

Support when you need it. Guaranteed.


We have a team of technology professionals dedicated to supporting the needs of our business clients.

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