Income Property Permanent Financing

Warehouse garage bays with yellow doors financed with an income property permanent loan from Banner Bank
Custom loan programs for income-producing real estate

With flexible terms and competitive rates.


Call or email a relationship manager near you to talk one-on-one with an experienced lender who can help you find the right solution.
loan amounts between $3 and $10 million
Typical loan amounts are between $3 and $10 million. Larger loan amounts are considered on a case-by-case basis.
Typical loan amounts between $3 and $10 million
Terms negotiated based on the particulars of your project.
Interest rate options
Fixed and variable rates are available
Two-story commercial brick building financed with an income property permanent loan from Banner Bank
Lending for...
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Mixed use and multi tenant centers
  • Warehouse and industrial
  • Select hospitality

Connect with a Commercial Real Estate Manager:

Geoff Horn
Commercial Real Estate Region Team Lead
Homebuilder Finance
Matt Drown
Homebuilder Finance Team Lead (Idaho, Washington, Utah)
Washington and Oregon 
Matt Marr
Commercial Real Estate Region Team Lead

Rick Draper
Commercial Real Estate Market Manager

Eastern Washington Homebuilder Finance
Ron Soss
Homebuilder Finance Market Manager

Western Washington Homebuilder Finance
Monica Pleas
Homebuilder Finance Market Manager

Greg Kelsey
Multifamily Division Manager

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