Commercial Virtual Credit Cards

Spending Control. Reduced Risks. Enhanced Reporting.

All Banner Bank Commercial Credit Cards come with access to virtual cards – a modern, scalable payment solution to keep pace with the speed of digital innovation. Connect with Banner Bank Treasury Management representative to see how virtual cards can help your business.

Virtual credit cards offer protection and control:

  • Instantly available digital cards for business payments
  • Maximized efficiency and mitigated payment fraud risk
  • Easy reconciliation of centralized business expenses
  • Optimized payable processing

Virtual credit cards offer unique and innovative benefits:

Choose from three types of Virtual Cards where secure and quick payment is needed.

Single-Use Virtual Card
This card can only be used once for a specific transaction, amount and period of time. After the payment is processed, a virtual account number automatically becomes inactive and can’t be used again. This card is ideal for one-time purchases.
Multi-Use Virtual Card
Make several transactions within an established limit and period of time. Once the card limit is reached, it can no longer be used. This card is ideal for projects with a fixed budget that may require multiple payments.
Traditional Virtual Card
A digital form of a traditional plastic card. Typically issued for an extended period of time, it can be used as often as needed. Available credit is refreshed every time a payment is made. Unlike a plastic card, the Traditional Virtual Card does not get automatically reissued after its’ expiration date.