Treasury Management 2024 Fee Changes

Pricing for the majority of Treasury Management products, services and fees will remain the same in 2024, while some will increase.  

On May 1, 2024, the following account analysis and treasury management services price changes will take effect. You will see the changes reflected on the May analysis statements you will receive in April.   

General Account Services

Analyzed Account Activity


 Analyzed Account Monthly Maintenance    $22/account
 Paper Statement without Check Images   $3/month
 Paper Statement with Check Images   $6/month
 Deposit Assessment Fee (per $1,000)  $0.13
 Funds Advanced to cover Uncollected Balances Prime + 3.5%  
 Checks Paid/Electronic Debits   $0.20/item
 Deposits Posted/Electronic Credits   $1.10/item
 Checks Deposited: On Us  $0.16/item
 Checks Deposited: Transit $0.16/item 
 ACH Debit   $0.20/item
 ACH Credit    $0.20/item 
 Overdraft Fee   $30
 Stop Payment (branch-initiated) $35/stop 
Wire Transfer Services  
 Incoming Domestic and International Wires   $15/wire
 Outgoing Domestic Wires (branch-initiated)  $30/wire 
 Outgoing International $USD and Foreign Exchange Wires (branch-initiated)   $50/wire 
 Wire Trace    $25/wire  
Branch Cash Processing (Commercial Cash Vault as quoted)             
 Depositing Currency (per $1,000) $1.50 
 Purchasing Currency (per $1,000)  $1.50
 Coin Deposited (percentage of total coin transaction)  5%
 Rolled Coin Purchased (percentage of total coin transaction)  1% 
 Remote Smart Safe Deposit Monthly Maintenance   $40/location 

Treasury Management Services 

Business Online Banking / Information Reporting 


 Business Online Monthly Maintenance    No Charge
 Commercial Online Monthly Maintenance   $40/month 
 Physical Security Tokens (new and replacement)  $50/token1
 Virtual Security Tokens  No Charge 
 Commercial Online Wire Transfer Module Monthly Maintenance $25/month 
 Outgoing Online Domestic Wire  $15/wire 
 Outgoing Online International U.S. Dollar or Foreign Exchange Wire  $25/wire 
 Online Stop Payment  $35/stop 
 Business Bill Pay Monthly Maintenance  No Charge  
 Bill Pay Payments  No Charge  
 BAl2 Reporting SFTP Monthly Maintenance (per account) $30/month 
 Wire Transfer SFTP Monthly Maintenance (per account) $40/month 
 Other Customized Information Reporting  As Quoted 
CD-ROM Image Statements (per CD-ROM)  
 CD-ROM Monthly Image Statement $20/month 
 CD-ROM Quarterly Image Statement   $25/quarter
 CD-ROM Semi-Annual Image Statement $40/semi-annual 
 CD-ROM Annual Image Statement $50/year 
Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services    
 ACH Monthly Maintenance (Business Online Banking)   $40/month 
 ACH SFTP2 Monthly Maintenance (per account)  $50/month
 Online ACH Originated Debit or Credit  $0.18/item
 Same Day ACH Originated Debit or Credit  $0.85/item 
 ACH Returned Item (with notification)  $5/item
 ACH Notification of Change (NOC)  $4/item
 ACH File Reversal or Deletion  $20/file 
 ACH Item Reversal or Deletion  $7.50/item 
 ACH Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Reporting Monthly Maintenance $10/month/per account 
Fraud Protection Services  
 Check & ACH Positive Pay Monthly Maintenance (first account) $40/month 
 Check & ACH Positive Pay Monthly Fee Additional Accounts  $20/account 
 Check Positive Pay Monthly Maintenance (first account) $35/month 
 Check Positive Pay Monthly Fee Additional Accounts $20/account 
 ACH Positive Pay Monthly Maintenance (per account)

 Positive Pay (ACH) Monthly Fee Additional Accounts $20/account 
 Positive Pay SFTP2 Monthly Maintenance (per account) $40/month 
Sweep Services  
 Commercial Sweep Monthly Maintenance  $100/month 
 Repurchase Agreement (REPO) Sweep Monthly Maintenance  $150/month 
 Loan Sweep Monthly Maintenance  $225/month
 ICS Insured Cash Sweep Monthly Maintenance   $100/month
Zero Balance Account (ZBA)    
 ZBA Monthly Maintenance Master Account $35/month 
 ZBA Monthly Maintenance Subsidiary Account $22/month 
Remote Deposit Services (Desktop)3  
 Remote Deposit Monthly Maintenance (includes 3 accounts) $35/month 
 Remote Deposit X9 File Upload Monthly Maintenance (per account) $50/month 
 Remote Deposit SFTP2 Monthly Maintenance (per account) $50/month 
 Additional Accounts Monthly Fee  $10/account 
 Single-Feed Scanner Provided   $15/month
 Multi-Feed Scanner Provided  $40/month 
 Large Capacity Scanner Provided  As Quoted  
 RD Deposit Ticket   $0.50/deposit
 Deposited Items $0.10/Item 
 Business Mobile Remote Deposit (Mobile)  
 Included with desktop Remote Deposit services listed above at no additional charge No Charge 
 Monthly Maintenance (includes 3 accounts) $25/month 
 Additional Accounts Monthly Fee $10/account 
 Deposit Ticket Fee No Charge 
 Deposited Items $0.10/Item 
 Cash Vault Services   
 Cash Vault Standard Change Order  $4.00 
 Cash Vault Nonstandard Late/Special Change Order  $18.00 
 Cash Vault Order Per Roll (wrap fee)  $0.15 / Per Roll
 Cash Vault Standard Change Order per $100 $0.18 / Per $100 
 Cash Vault Non-Standard Change Order Per $100  $0.20 / Per $100
 Cash Vault Deposit $2.00 
 Cash Vault Deposit Adjustment $8.00 
 Cash Vault Currency and/or Coin Deposit Per $100 $0.18 / Per $100 
 Cash Vault Coin Deposit Standard Bag / Half Bag $3.00 
 Cash Vault Deposit Nonstandard Bag $8.00 
 Cash Vault Deposit Per Roll (unwrapping fee) $0.15 / Per Roll 


General Business Account and Treasury Management Services Price List

If you have questions about this information, or any banking matter, please contact your Relationship Manager or Treasury Management Consultant. You may also contact our Treasury Management Support team at 1-877-856-7933 or


Security tokens are required for processing ACH and wire transactions in Business Online and Commercial Online and may be required for other activities. Charges for physical security tokens are assessed at the time of issuance and cannot be offset by earnings allowance in account analysis. 

SFTP services subject to set-up fees, and additional charges for custom programming, as quoted.
Deposit ticket and deposited item fees apply to all RD services as shown.