Treasury Management 2023 Fee Changes

Pricing for the majority of Treasury Management products, services and fees will remain the same in 2023, while some will increase.  

On February 1, 2023, the following account analysis and treasury management services price changes will take effect. You will see the changes reflected on the February analysis statements you will receive in March.   

General Account Services

 Service  Current Price  New Price
 Analyzed Account Monthly Maintenance  $20/account  $22/account
 Deposits Posted/Electronic Credits  $0.75/item  $1.00/item

 Deposited Items: On-Us



 Deposited Items: Transit



 Checks Paid/Electronic Debits  $0.18/item  $0.20/item

Business Online Banking

 Service Current Price New Price
 Commercial Online Monthly Maintenance $30/month $40/month
 Physical Security Tokens (new and replacement) No charge $50/token1

 Virtual Security Tokens  No charge No charge

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services

 Service  Current Price  New Price
 ACH Debit Received  $0.18/item  $0.20/item
 ACH Credit Received  $0.18/item  $0.20/item

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

Current Price
New Price
ZBA Monthly Maintenance - Concentration (parent) Account
 $30/month  $35/month

General Business Account and Treasury Management Services Price List

If you have questions about this information, or any banking matter, please contact your Relationship Manager or Treasury Management Consultant. You may also contact our Treasury Management Support team at 1-877-856-7933 or

Security tokens are required for processing ACH and wire transactions in Business Online and Commercial Online and may be required for other activities. Charges for physical security tokens are assessed at the time of issuance and cannot be offset by earnings allowance in Account Analysis.