Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, Social & Governance Highlights

Doing the right thing has long been the guiding principle of all we do. ESG represents new ways of categorizing the good efforts our colleagues undertake every day to serve our clients, investors and communities.  We believe that operating a sustainable business is a multi-faceted undertaking. We recognize that incorporating sustainable practices into our strategy and operations is essential and we strive to create positive change in the communities we serve, through our day-to-day business activities, longer-term strategic initiatives and community engagement.

Executive Message

For over 130 years, our company has been driven by our guiding principle: do the right thing. Today, we live and work in a world that our founders could only imagine. The challenges our clients and communities face have evolved, but the support, compassion and expertise they look to us for remain the same. They still need us to be deeply connected and responsive to their needs, and to help them achieve their financial goals.

In 2022, we took an important step forward in documenting our many ESG activities by creating our inaugural ESG Highlights Report. That report detailed our values in action, driving positive outcomes across our entire four-state footprint. Last year established a benchmark and strategic direction. With this year’s report, we continue that momentum, share our progress and recognize accomplishments.

Doing the right thing is always our starting point when considering the way our business operates. This report shines a spotlight on how we are turning this guiding principle into meaningful action. It demonstrates the multitude of ways that our sustainable business practices enhance our long-term strength and ability to create value.

Thank you to all Banner stakeholders for your continuing interest in, and commitment to, our organization. With steady progress, I am confident our company will continue to thrive for another 133 years—still connected, knowledgeable and responsive; and still doing the right thing.

2022 ESG Highlights

100% Pay Equity for employees of all genders and races
More than 14,000 hours of employee volunteerism & financial support benefitted over 1,400 organizations

Areas of Focus


We are striving to find more sustainable ways of working, from the projects we finance to the way we operate across our footprint. In 2022, we began to measure our emissions so that we can begin to understand our carbon footprint and how to reduce it.

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Social Responsibility
The community spirit on which Banner was founded in 1890 as a small thrift is as strong as ever. While we’ve grown to serve four states with more than $15.8 billion in assets at 2022 year-end, we remain deeply connected and responsive to the people we serve.

For over 130 years, people have trusted Banner Bank to behave with the utmost integrity to protect their interests, money and privacy. Behind our company’s guiding principle, ‘do the right thing,’ is a rigorous governance structure that upholds our high standards and adapts to new and emerging risks.

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