Debit Card Controls

Take control today with Debit Card Controls

Control, security, self-service and peace of mind ― that's what you get when you use Banner Bank Debit Card Controls.

You determine how, when, and where your card is used. Set spending limits and real-time alerts so you know when your debit card is used. Create and edit travel plans. Turn your debit card off and back on with a tap. Debit Card Controls can help you monitor and control how your debit card is used.

Fraud Prevention Tips


Prevent your Banner Bank debit card from being used without your permission:

Block All online purchases by disabling 'Ecommerce' transactions using the Transaction Types option under Controls.

Prevent in-store fraud by using the Locations option under Controls to allow purchases in specific regions or use your phone's location so only nearby purchases are allowed.

 Manage Card Usage Demo

Control International use:

By default, only the United States is included on your list of approved countries. All in-store locations outside of the United States will be declined.

If you are traveling internationally, please remember to submit a Travel Plan using Debit Card Controls or call us at 800-272-9933 (509-527-3636 outside the U.S.) in advance of your trip, to prevent unnecessary blocks from being placed on your card. You can also enable use in additional countries using the Locations option under Controls when traveling.

Manage Travel Plans Demo

Tips for Parents and Business Owners


For parents:

If you share a debit card with your child, you can use Debit Card Controls to set spending limits for your child's card.

You can also use this service to review recent transactions, or set Alerts to notify you whenever the card is used.

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For business debit card owners:

You can determine how authorized debit card users can use their cards by enabling or disabling select transaction types or merchant types using the Transaction Types option under Controls.

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Debit Card Controls work best with:

Debit Card
Pay for purchases big and small with a Banner Bank Mastercard debit card. Mastercard is accepted at millions of locations around the world and provides the added security of chip technology.
Bank wherever you are

With Banner Bank Mobile Banking, you can bank anywhere 24/7 and deposit a check with our mobile app for iPhone® and Android.™

Account and Security Alerts
When you set up Account and Security Alerts, you'll receive a voice, email or text message for any account activities you want to track.