ESG Highlights Report

December 2022

Volunteers framing a home

We are pleased to share we formally launched an environmental, social and governance (ESG) program this year; and from that, we published our inaugural ESG Highlights Report.

We created the Highlights Report to formally share details about our efforts to make an impact within the communities we serve and provide transparency around accomplishments and plans that demonstrate our company’s commitment to ESG initiatives. The report identifies ongoing practices and recent accomplishments in the areas of environmental risk and impact management, social responsibility (including diversity, equity and inclusion), and governance.

“We’ve been engaged in ESG activities and practices for a very long time—creating this report makes it easier to share more examples and greater detail with interested stakeholders in a single, dedicated document,” said Mark Grescovich, President and CEO.

More than 130 years ago, Banner Bank started with core values that remain just as relevant today: listen, learn and help people and businesses reach their financial goals. And when paired with the company’s longtime guiding principle to “Do the Right Thing,” they create a natural pathway to engaging in ESG activities for all our stakeholders, including communities, colleagues, clients and shareholders. 

ESG programs have become common among financial services companies, as well as many other diverse industries, as a way to organize activities and practices related to these important subjects. 

Learn more about Banner’s ESG efforts and view the report.