Direct Connect | Manage Your Financial Transactions

Coffee shop owner uses tablet to connect Banner Online Banking to her Intuit software
Easily Connect Banner Online Banking to Quicken® or QuickBooks®

With Direct Connect, manage your finances more effectively by directly connecting your Banner Bank accounts to your Quicken or QuickBooks software.

  • No manual data entry
  • Automatically reconcile data
  • Eliminate duplicate transactions
  • Easy to use

Direct Connect makes it easy to organize your finances in Quicken or QuickBooks

No manual data entry: Once you're set up, you can download all your transactions right into Quicken or QuickBooks—instead of typing them in by hand.

Automatically reconcile data: Direct Connect data includes complete transaction and balance information so it's easy to categorize and reconcile transactions.

Eliminate duplicate transactions: Direct Connect incorporates a special transaction-matching algorithm that helps prevent duplicate transactions.

Easy to use: Direct Connect files may be automatically opened from within Quicken®, which eliminates the need for you to search for files that have been downloaded.

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Start using Direct Connect Today
  • From your Quicken or QuickBooks software, select Direct Connect
  • Use your Banner Online Banking login credentials to connect your banking transactions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Connect?

Direct Connect is an Intuit solution that provides all Banner Online Banking clients the ability to automatically connect and access their account information and download transactions directly from within Quicken or QuickBooks.

How is Direct Connect different from Web Connect?

Web Connect is a way to download transactions directly from your bank's website and import them manually into Quicken or QuickBooks. Direct Connect links directly with your accounts through online banking. Once Direct Connect is connected, you won't need to login to Banner Online Banking first and manually download transactions – Quicken/QuickBooks will do this for you.

Will Web Connect remain available?


How do I enroll in Direct Connect?

There is no enrollment process with Banner Bank or Banner Online Banking. Direct Connect is available within your Quicken or QuickBooks application.

Is Direct Connect available to all Banner Bank clients?

Yes. Direct Connect is an option through Quicken and QuickBooks for all Banner Bank clients enrolled in online banking. This includes retail, small business, and commercial online.

How is the connection to Banner Online Banking established?

Simply select Direct Connect while you're working in Quicken or QuickBooks. You will be prompted to connect to Banner Online Banking and provide your login ID and password.

Is there a fee for Direct Connect?

No, it's included with Banner Online Banking.


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