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Contacless payment services for your business

Cardholder distancing helps your business thrive in a safe and healthy way.

No-touch and low-touch card transactions are quick, easy and safer for you, your team and your customers. At Banner, we’re here to support your success with tips, tools, equipment and information to help you simplify payment processing while minimizing cardholder interaction.
Patron pays for drinks with contactless card reader

Banner merchant terminals accept contactless payments.

The majority of our merchant terminals have the capability to go contactless. Let your customers know you can help them maintain social distancing when paying for goods and services. Get FREE signage to promote contactless payments from Visa.
Customer pays using contactless card reader

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We’ll help new clients get started with payment solutions suited to the size and nature of your business. Switch to Banner now to get one of the following options FREE:
  • C4 Mobile Card Reader with swipe, dip and tap capability – a $130 value
  • Virtual Terminal set up – a $90 value
  • Desk-top terminal that accepts contactless transactions

Accept payments online without a website using tools from Authorize.Net:

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No-signature approach reduces customer contact

Signatures are optional on all Visa and Mastercard transaction receipts.

By eliminating the need for customers to physically sign receipts, Visa and Mastercard are helping make point-of-sale transactions safer. As a merchant, you can ignore signature line or have it removed on printed receipts. You may also be able to suppress or turn off the signature prompt altogether. Printed receipts are required only if the customer requests them.

Along with their increased safety, no-signature transactions may introduce new challenges such as disputed charges. We recommend merchants take a proactive approach and reach out to your customers with resolutions such as refunds, future credits or vouchers, where appropriate, and especially when requested.

We also encourage merchants to clearly document any refunds, discounts or credits offered, and save for future chargeback document requests.

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