Voice Verification

Voice verification is a convenient and secure system we can now use to verify your identity when you call into our Client Engagement Center. This state-of-the-art voice-based technology uses the unique cadence, tone, pitch and accent of your speech to verify your identity.

Voice verification is more secure than question-based verification methods because only you have your distinctive voice. Fraudsters may be able to collect information about you, but they can’t duplicate your voice. Voice verification also speeds up the process so we can spend less time verifying who you are and get right to helping you with the reason you called us. 

How Voice Verification Works

The next time you call into our Client Engagement Center, the representative you speak to will ask you our standard series of questions to verify who you are. As you are answering these questions, our voice verification system will be recording your voice and analyzing its distinctive characteristics, including 
tone, pitch, accent and other qualities to create your unique voice print.

If you choose to enroll in voice verification, the system will perfect your voice print on subsequent calls until, typically by the third call, it has a complete voice profile for you. Until a compete voice print is created, we will continue to use our question-based process to verify identity. Once we have your complete voice print, we will be able to quickly identify you within a few seconds so we can move on to assist you with your banking questions.

Voice verification is optional. If you do not want to enroll, we will discard any information we’ve collected during the call and will continue to verify your identity with our question-based process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will voice verification always work to identify me?
Voice verification is very reliable, and once your profile is built, you should be able to use your voice every time. It may take up to three calls to fully build your profile, so, while your profile is being built, we will use our established question-based verification method instead.

Voice verification may not be successful if the sound environment drastically changes from your initial call. For example, if you establish your voice profile by calling from home and later call from a noisy store.

If there is more than one person speaking, voice verification may not be able to verify you.

What happens if the system cannot verify me?
In these cases, we use our question-based method to verify your identity. The system will continue to learn your voice and strengthen your voice profile.

If I’m sick or my voice changes, will voice verification still work?
Generally, yes. With so many vocal characteristics analyzed, even if you have a cold or as you age, voice verification will usually still work. If for some reason voice verification doesn’t work, we can still verify your identity using security questions.

Is it possible for someone to mimic me?
Each voice profile is composed of over 100 one-of-a-kind characteristics. Most of these, including physical characteristics like the size or shape of your larynx, can’t be mimicked. Voice ID is a very secure method of identity verification.

Can I change my mind after I choose to enroll or can I enroll at a later date? 
Any time you’d like to enroll or disenroll, just let us know. Any representative at our Client Engagement Center can assist you.