Payment Processing Breaches & Security

Payment Processing Security Breaches

As payment processing security breaches occur, Banner Bank may replace debit and credit cards which were possibly affected. Clients who may be affected by payment processing security breaches are protected by the Bank’s fraud tools until their new card arrives. 


How Banner Bank protects you in the event of a payment processing security breach

  • Be assured the actions we take in response to these events are similar to those we use every day to protect our clients from fraud.
  • Our fraud monitoring services continuously search for unusual transactions, and many times prevent those transactions from authorizing.
  • Following a known breach, fraud monitoring services are adjusted to monitor fraud patterns linked to that specific incident.
  • When apparent fraud is detected, we reach out to clients to review transactions and arrange for card replacement if necessary.
  • Banner protects cardholders from loss due to fraudulent transactions according to the terms of our account agreements and disclosures.

Things you can do to help protect from potential fraudulent transactions:

  • Regularly monitor your account(s) to ensure that you recognize all transactions.
  • Immediately contact us if you find transactions that are not yours.
  • To notify us of suspicious card transactions, call the number on the back of your card.