Home Equity Rewards Mastercard

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Access your Banner Bank Home Equity Line of Credit and Earn Points

This unique Mastercard® gives you convenient, anytime-access to your Banner Bank Home Equity Line of Credit. You’ll also earn TruRewards® points on qualifying purchases, which you can redeem for travel, gift certificates, cash back and local rewards.

With this Banner Bank credit card, you'll get:

credit cards that earn rewards
Rewards you can review and redeem online
credit cards with fixed rates
Low, fixed rates and no annual fee
Online and access to check balances and history
Contact center staffed by Banner Bank employees
24x7 customer service at 855-891-4821

With Home Equity Rewards, you'll also get:


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Digital Wallet

Use Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay on supported Apple, Samsung and Android devices.
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Zero Liability

You pay only for the purchases you have authorized on your card, and you won’t be held liable in the event of an unauthorized purchase. 
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Identity Theft Protection

Register for Mastercard's Identity Theft Alerts to monitor and protect your online identity and card information.
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Mastercard Benefits

Enhanced Identity Theft Protection including one-bureau credit monitoring alerts and high-risk transaction monitoring – and much more. See all of the valuable Mastercard benefits provided.
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Credit Card Fraud Notification

When you provide us with your mobile phone number, we’ll text you if we notice suspicious activity on your card. Otherwise, we may contact you by phone if we detect suspicious activity.

Ready to add a Home Equity Rewards Mastercard to your Banner HELOC?



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