Combo Loans

Yard and front porch of new home financed by Banner Bank

"Piggyback" Loans Reinvented

Revamped and versatile, a Combo Loan might be just the right financing option for you.

With a Banner Bank home loan, you'll get:

Competitive rates and fees percentage sign

Competitive rates and fees


In-house approvals and fast processing


Clear and responsive answers


Exceptional client service

Key Features:

  • 1st and 2nd Mortgage Combo Loans with up to 90% Loan-To-Value to purchase a new home
  • Conventional and Jumbo Loans available
  • Fully-amortizing 30-year 1st Mortgage and 2nd Mortgage with no pre-payment penalty
  • Maximum combined loans up to $900,000
  • Maximum 2nd Mortgage up to $250,000
Tips on Financing a Home Build or Remodel
Couple on the floor of empty house looking at remodel options

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Should I refinance my mortgage?
Making the decision to refinance your mortgage can be tough when you look at all the factors. Your current interest rate, the new potential interest rate and even closing costs can affect how long it will take to break even. Our calculator can help you see costs and rates to help you decide.
I want to buy a home, part 2
Father and son unpack car and move into their new home, financed by Banner Bank
You're ready to buy a home, but now what? In part two of our home buying blog series, we share five tips to make your home search, selection and purchase a positive experience.