Manage your finances anytime, anywhere with Banner Online Banking


Manage your finances on the go — from your desktop, tablet or smart phone — with Banner Online Banking.

  • Bill pay. Control when and how you pay your bills with the ability to choose the exact date the payment will arrive, set up recurring payments and view past payment history.
  • Mobile banking. Bank anywhere 24/7 with our  mobile banking app for iPhone® and Android.™
  • Mobile deposit. Deposit a check from your smart phone using our mobile banking app.
  • Text banking. Check your balance, transfer funds and get a history of transactions from your text-enabled phone.
  • eStatements. View and print your checking and savings statements anytime. 
  • Alerts and notifications. Receive banking alerts and notifications on the go by email or text message.
  • Person-to-person (P2P) payments. Transfer funds to individuals, regardless of their financial institution, using their e-mail address. 
  • Faster payments. Send expedited bill payments.
  • Extra security. Benefit from added fraud prevention and security features including the use of Secure Access Codes and browser registration.
  • Optimized for mobile devices. View and manage all of your bank accounts from your desktop, tablet or smart phone.
  • Gift Pay and Charity Pay. Send a personalized gift check and message that’s perfect for every occasion, plus make a donation to your favorite charity.

New or recently upgraded to Banner Online Banking? Read our FAQs.

Your security is our top priority. But we need your help.


To ensure that your financial information is secure whenever you use the Internet, we’re asking you to take a few minutes right now to make sure you’re using the most current version of your Web browser. That’s because the browser—the software application that lets you surf the Web—also plays a huge role in protecting you and the data you choose to share when you’re online. The most common browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. 

As online fraud and theft evolves, browsers must become more secure with each new version. That’s why companies that provide Web browsers continually release patches to stay one step ahead of fraudsters. So it’s vital that individual users, like you, routinely apply the upgrades to stay protected-on your smartphone, tablet and computer.  

Always using a current Web browser is vital to keeping the information you share and the sites you visit secure. This includes the financial information you view and exchange while using online banking. Knowing you’re using the most current version is one of the best ways to give yourself peace of mind.

There are many versions in use today that provide adequate protection. If you’re using any of these you’re in great shape:


If you’re unsure which version you’re using, please take a moment to check with the browser provider to make sure it’s current. To do this, simply visit the website of your preferred provider and navigate to their updates/patches. Or, you may also click on the link above that’s associated with your browser to download the latest version. If you have questions or need assistance updating your browser, please contact us during business hours at 800-272-9933 or

Secure Access Code



What is a Secure Access Code?
A Secure Access Code is a security feature that allows you to register the computer you are using for "one-time" or "future" use. 
Why do I need a Secure Access Code?
Registering your computer is another layer of security to ensure your online banking account cannot be accessed by an unregistered computer – even if your Login ID and Password are accidentally or unintentionally compromised.
How does the Secure Access Code work?
When you log in from an unrecognized computer or mobile device, we will send you a single-use Secure Access Code.  The code will be delivered to you using secure contact information that we have on file for your accounts.  You can choose to have your Secure Access Code delivered via text message, phone call or e-mail, depending on what contact information we have on file for you.  Once you receive the temporary Secure Access Code from Banner, enter it in the space provided within login.
When you use a private device that you will frequently use to access online banking, you can “register the device”, which will allow us to recognize the device and browser you’re using.  Once you have registered your device, you will not be prompted for a Secure Access Code with future logins.  However, if the computer you use is public or one which you do not regularly use, we recommend for your security that you “do not register” the device.
I didn’t receive my Secure Access Code or my contact information is outdated.
Please call us at 800-272-9933 during business hours so we may assist you.
I have registered my device, but online banking prompts for another Secure Access Code.  Why?
There are several reasons this may happen.  Most commonly this occurs when your browser settings are setup to delete cookies, or your browser cookie for online banking has been deleted since your last login.  This can also happen if you are logging in with a different browser on the same registered device. You may have a program on you device that automatically deletes the cookie and that feature would need to be turned off or configured to accept and retain cookies from Banner Bank.
How do I remove the registration from a device?
You can remove the registration of a device or browser by deleting your cookies, or only the cookie related to online banking.

Read more online banking security tips


Avoid the paper pile-up and access your bank statements anytime when you enroll for eStatements. With eStatements, you not only save paper, but have an organized virtual filing system available to you whenever you access Banner Online Banking. Plus, you no longer have to worry about misplacing your valuable financial information.

To access eStatements, you must be enrolled in Banner Online Banking.

eStatement enrollment instructions:

1. Sign in to Banner Online Banking.

2. Expand the Transactions menu and click Statements.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and repeat for each account you wish to enroll.

Bill Pay

Save yourself the hassle of writing checks and mailing payments by paying all of your bills from one convenient dashboard. When you enroll in Bill Pay, a feature within Banner Online Banking, you can pay individuals (Person-to-Person) or companies.

With Bill Pay, you control when and how you pay your bills with the ability to choose the exact date the payment will arrive, set up recurring payments and view past payment history.

To enroll in Bill Pay:

  1. Sign in to Banner Online Banking.
  2. Go to the Bill Payments tab.
  3. Choose the account(s) you wish to use.
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions — and you're ready to get started.

Bill Pay scheduling tips:

  • New payment requests should be scheduled based on the due date by which the payment is to be received by the payee.
  • Electronic payees are indicated by “E.” All others are indicated by “C” for check payments.
  • Funds for electronic payments are deducted from your account one business day prior to the due date to allow time for funds transfer to the payee.
  • Funds for payments made by check are debited from your account once the check is cashed by the payee.
  • Bill payments submitted by 12:00pm Pacific time are included in current business day processing. Bill payments submitted after 12:00pm Pacific time are processed on the following business day. 

Note: When scheduling bill payments, remember that there is no bill payment processing on weekends or bank holidays.

Foreign client with no Social Security Number or US Address:
If you choose to enroll in Bill Pay, we will need to update your Bill Pay profile to contain the address of the branch of account so there is a valid address on file.  Bill Pay cannot send foreign payments and cannot support a foreign address for either you the client or for payees.  

Access to the Online Banking and/or Bill Pay disclaimers:

Online Banking Disclaimer

Consumer Bill Pay Disclaimer

Mobile Banking

With the Banner Mobile Banking app, you can bank from your iOS® or Android™ device. Check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks and much more.

New iOS App 

Step 1: Download the mobile app with the blue background here:

Android - Play Store
Apple - App Store

Step 2: Sign in using your current Banner Online Banking Login ID and Password.

Have a different type of phone or tablet? Don't worry. You can access Banner Online Banking from the device browser, using your current Banner Online Banking Login ID and Password.

Snapshot Deposit

Save a trip to the bank and deposit checks from the Banner Mobile Banking app for Android™ or iOS® devices.

To deposit a check:

  1. Sign in to Banner Online Banking.
  2. Select Snapshot Deposit from the left navigation menu.
  3. Choose the account where you wish to make a deposit.
  4. Enter the check number and amount, then click Save.
  5. Click the Capture Image button for each side of the check.
  6. Verify all four corners of the check are within the frame and all elements are legible.
  7. Take the image of the backside so that the endorsement is on the left side of the image.

To use Snapshot Deposit, you must be enrolled in Banner Online Banking. 

Will Snapshot Deposits show up in my account right away?

Snapshot Deposits made before 6:00pm Pacific time Monday – Friday will be credited to your account the same day and can be viewed in online and mobile banking the next business day.

Snapshot Deposits made after 6:00pm Pacific time, or during weekends and bank holidays, will be credited to your account the following business day and can be viewed in online and mobile banking the second business day.

How many Snapshot Deposits can I do in a day?

There are limits:

  • Number per day: 3
  • Number per month: 15
  • Amount per day: $2,500
  • Amount per month: $10,000

Go mobile with Banner Bank text banking.


Check account balances and view transaction history while you're on the go with Text Banking. Enroll first in Online Banking, then go mobile.

How to get started:

Step 1: Enroll Your Mobile Number

- Sign in to Banner Online Banking.
- Under Other Services, click the Text Enrollment tab.
- Toggle the Text Enrollment button from OFF to ON.
- Enter your phone/SMS number, agree to terms and save.

Once you receive confirmation that your phone number has been enrolled, you're ready to set up short codes for each account you wish to enable for Text Banking.

Step 2: Enable Accounts for Text Banking

- Within Online Banking, go to Settings > Account Preferences.
- Toggle the Online/Text box at the top of the page to 'Text'.
- Enter a short code or nickname (max. 4 characters) and click 'Enabled' for each account you would like to enable for Text Banking.
- Enter what order, by number, you wish your accounts to be listed for Text Banking.
- Click Submit and you're finished.




Print Text Banking enrollment instructions 


 *Check with your mobile service provider as text messaging charges may apply.

Terms and Tips

Download personal and small business online banking and bill pay disclaimers, plus get helpful tips on keeping your data safe online, enrolling in text banking and more.

Online Banking, Mobile and Bill Pay terms and conditions: 

Online Banking terms and conditions

Consumer Bill Pay terms and conditions

Business Bill Pay terms and conditions

Mobile/SMS Agreement


Online security tips

Text Banking enrollment