Certificate of Deposit Offers | Best Rates Up To 4.34% APY*

Open a CD today with $2,500 or more.

For a limited time, earn more on your money with one of our CD specials. Earn the best rate with a Banner's Best Checking account: 

  • 7 month CD: up to 4.34% APY*
  • 9 month CD : up to 4.08% APY*
  • 13 month CD: up to 3.82% APY*
  • 36 month CD: up to 2.53% APY*

Earn even more with a Banner's Best Checking account

As a Banner's Best Checking account owner, earn a bonus rate of 0.25% on all CD rates, including our CD specials.

Certificate of Deposits
Choose a term for your CD that’s right for you—from 3 months up to 10 years.
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Whether you want to save a little or a lot, you’ll earn interest with any Banner savings account.

What is a CD and CD laddering?

CD is short for certificates of deposit and are available at different minimum deposits, interest rates and terms. A CD ladder is opening a series of CDs with different maturity dates.
Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 6/7/23, and applies to the initial term of a new CD or CD special opened online at bannerbank.com. Banner's Best Checking account owners earn a bonus rate of 0.25% on all CD rates. Minimum balance to open a CD is $2,500. For the 7-month and 9-month CD specials, interest compounds daily and is credited to the account at maturity. For all other CDs, interest compounds daily and is credited to the account every three months. During the initial term of the 36-month CD, you have a one-time “Bump Rate” option to request that the CD’s interest rate be increased to the rate currently being offered by Banner Bank on CDs that match the CD’s original term. On the first maturity date of your account, your CD will change from a promotional CD to a Fixed Rate CD. The CD will renew automatically at maturity; you may withdraw principal without penalty for 10 days following maturity. A penalty will be imposed for withdrawals before maturity. Additional restrictions may apply.
Early withdrawal penalty varies by term. Consult a Banner Bank Representative for details.