Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Let's get your money working for you.

When you need to earn as much interest as possible with your money—and can leave it alone in the account—with a CD you’ll be rewarded with a high return on your insured savings with a fixed interest rate for the term.
Earn even more with our CD Specials
Lock in a great rate with our current CD Specials. Choose from four offers ranging from 7 to 36 months. Open a CD online today with $2,500 or more.
Get the best rate with Banner's Best Checking
As a Banner's Best Checking account owner earn a bonus rate of 0.25% on all CD rates, including our CD specials.

Best for:

  • Earning higher yields
  • Savings with unchanging interest rates
  • Clients who can leave money in the entire term

With a Certificate of Deposit, you’ll also get:

What is a CD and CD laddering?

CD is short for certificates of deposit and are available at different minimum deposits, interest rates and terms. A CD ladder is opening a series of CDs with different maturity dates.
Early withdrawal penalty varies by term. Consult a Banner Bank Representative for details.
Message and data rates may apply. May require authentication, registration, and/or activation.