""Car Loan Calculator

When looking to buy a car it’s advantageous to know how much you can afford. With the Banner Bank car loan calculator you can find out the purchase price or monthly payment that will fit in your budget. Enter different variables such as loan terms, interest rate, down payment or trade-in allowance and watch the amounts change until you find a mix that meets your spending goal.

More ways Banner can help you get into a car:

Vehicle Loans
Blonde woman sitting in the driver seat of a car having the keys to the car handed to her
After you determine what you can afford, let us help you with the financing. Banner Bank offers loans on new, used and many other vehicles types. Easily apply online in less than 15 minutes.
Connected Savings
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Here’s a convenient way to stash away some money for a car down payment—Banner’s Connected Savings. Your money will earn a competitive interest rate and can still be accessed whenever needed.