Solicitations to Clients with Loans Secured by Real Estate


Beware of Mortgage Junk Mail
Homeowners with Banner Bank mortgages or home equity loans and lines or credit should beware of official-looking solicitations from companies purporting to be Banner Bank. These solicitations often include designs or language that make it appear as though they’re official, Banner Bank created communications when they are not. They often contain language such as, “we have been trying to reach you regarding a matter of importance related to your mortgage.” In most cases, very small disclaimer language is also included that indicates the sender is not affiliated with Banner Bank. These mailings are not from Banner Bank.
Understand Public Records

When clients get a loan secured by real estate, like a mortgage or home equity line of credit, public records are updated with a Deed of Trust recording. Information may include a consumer’s address or other publicly available information, such as the name of your lender. Businesses (and scammers) may access this information and use it to solicit business, and may try to appear as though their outreach is for official Banner Bank purposes. If in doubt about a solicitation you receive, call us at 800-272-9933. Our team is always ready to help you understand whether you’ve received an official Banner Bank communication.