Meet Jennifer Hernandez, a thoughtful crimefighter and volleyball mom

Photo of Jennifer Hernandez

With a background in psychology and a knack for forensic accounting, Jennifer Hernandez is in her element protecting the Bank—and the nation—from risk. As Manager of our Bank Secrecy Act Know Your Customer program, she oversees people, procedures and guidelines focused on guarding against criminal and terrorist activity.

Her role has a lot to do with the Bank complying with Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering guidance, detecting and reporting suspicious activity, and understanding who our customers are to prevent criminals and terrorists from using the financial system. By educating and partnering with our bankers, Jennifer and her team of analysts play a vital role in protecting our clients and investors, as well as the Bank’s reputation and the integrity of global markets.

Like many in banking, Jennifer didn’t set out to work in financial services. She started her banking career as a teller in 2007, while completing a degree in psychology at Texas Tech University. Graduating from college in 2008 when jobs were scarce, Jennifer decided to lean in to banking, and said that decision was “fundamental” to her career.

She moved on to hold a variety of investigative and analytical positions at regional and national banks, and joined Banner in 2017. Today she marvels at the many changes that have impacted the financial landscape and her role over the years—factors like the housing bubble, the pandemic, the introduction of crypto currency and the legalization of the hemp industry. Such ongoing changes keep life interesting for Jennifer, who is happy to evaluate such matters and manage risk for an organization that values and supports the work of her department.

“I enjoy where I am,” she said. “Banner is still a community bank and I can still affect change. I’m not a widget in a factory of employees. I love being able to affect change and help the branches. … The executive and management support for our department allows us to do a good job.”

Diversity is important to her team in terms of members’ educational backgrounds, life and work experience, and ethnic cultures. That, she said, helps the collaborative team “think outside the box” – a secret weapon in knowing our customers.

Away from work, Jennifer is a devoted volleyball mom, who enjoys helping her daughter and other girls grow as athletes and strong, healthy individuals. She has been a team volunteer and parent-coach for recreational and club volleyball since 2021, and looks forward to continuing to support her daughter in high school athletics. She also enjoys watercolor painting as a relaxing balance to her role at the Bank.